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The American Academy of Dermatology suggests annual skin examinations for patients over 35. Skin cancer can be treated more successfully when detected early. Dr. Flood strongly recommends skin cancer screenings and prevention treatments. Call Dr. Allen A. Flood for your annual screening and any other dermatologic concern you may have.

Malignant and Benign Growths Q & A

What can I do about moles and skin growths on my face and neck? Are there home remedies?

Using home remedies to get rid of skin lesions can be dangerous due to the risk of a missed diagnosis of melanoma. Dr. Flood can conduct a full examination of the lesions and recommend safe, effective treatment. Skin cancer can develop from those moles and growths. It’s critical that you see a dermatologist so he can examine your skin, make note of questionable areas and take biopsies where they need to verify, or nullify your cancer concerns.

How does Dr. Flood treat moles?

It’s common for an average adult to have dozens of moles. But because some moles can lead to a form of skin cancer called melanoma, Dr. Flood might recommend removal. Most moles are harmless, but when one begins changing shape, by becoming irregular, or larger or begins to itch or bleed, it should be checked out right away. Don’t wait for your annual check-up. Dr. Flood believes that the best cure for skin cancer is prevention. Mole removals can be completed in his office through excising them and closing the wound with sutures if necessary.

How do doctors screen for skin cancer?

Dr. Flood will make a visual examination of your skin, head to toe. Any suspicious mole, or growth will undergo a punch biopsy to remove part of the mole, or an excisional biopsy to remove it completely. The biopsy will be checked in the lab and if shown to be benign you have a non-cancerous growth and you can breathe a sigh of relief. If it’s malignant it will be staged by size, I through IV and the appropriate referrals will be made for further treatment.

Why do I need a skin cancer screening?

Skin cancer screenings are preventive measures for early detection. These screenings can relieve your concerns and give Dr. Flood a chance to share with you the best skin cancer prevention methods and eliminate dangerous risk factors in your life.

What are warts and why do we get them?

Warts are thick skin growths usually on your hands and fingers cause by a virus and can be transmitted by touch. They will likely disappear by themselves, but many people have them surgically removed for aesthetic reasons. If a wart changes in color or size, or becomes painful, see Dr. Flood for treatment.


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