• Target Your Trouble Areas With Sculpsure

    on Dec 7th, 2018

You’ve perfected your exercise regimen and you’re eating a well-balanced diet, so you’ve slimmed down and feel healthier than ever, yet you still have some stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t shift no matter what you try.

Whether it’s your love handles, stomach fat or thighs that are proving tricky to melt away, if you live around the Capitol Hill area of Washington, D.C., SculpSure® treatment with Dr. Flood can help.

As an FDA-approved laser treatment, SculpSure is proven to target those troublesome areas and let your body safely remove the destroyed fat cells naturally through the lymphatic system. Once those pockets of fat have been removed, you can stay slim and svelte with a controlled diet and regular exercise.

SculpSure can remove excess fat from those tricky love handles

While they might have a cute name, your love handles can be a real cause of frustration because that excess fat is so resistant to removal. This troublesome fat retention can come from several factors, including:

The great thing about SculpSure is that it can specifically target all of those tricky areas of fat you’ve tried so hard to remove. Wherever they may be on your body, SculpSure has FDA clearance for treating fat on the abdomen, back, chin, and thighs, as well as those stubborn love handles.

Laser treatment is an effective way to target and destroy fat cells

SculpSure isn’t a weight loss system, but a scientifically proven treatment that uses laser technology to directly target and destroy fat cells. SculpSure is a pain-free procedure that uses the laser on an “on and off” cycle to heat the fat cells until their structural integrity is damaged beyond repair, without harming surrounding cells or your skin.

This all takes place in a quick and easy 25-minute treatment session here with Dr. Flood at his Capitol Hill office. Four applicators, each around the size of a cell phone, are applied to the area of fat you want to be removed, and all you have to do is lie back and relax as the SculpSure laser gets to work.

Once the treatment is over, those damaged fat cells are gradually processed and flushed out of your body by your own lymphatic system, which can take around 12 weeks. By then, you’ll notice a significant reduction of fat in the targeted area.

Redefine your body, restore your confidence

As a noninvasive treatment, SculpSure can help you to slim down safely and comfortably to redefine your body shape and restore confidence for a happier and healthier you.

As a clinically tested and FDA-approved treatment, you can have faith that SculpSure will work for you to slim down those problematic areas. With an average satisfaction rate of 90% and a reduction of 24% of that stubborn fat each treatment, it’s a fantastic noninvasive option for redefining your body shape.

With each treatment session taking just 25 minutes, it’s easy to fit SculpSure into your busy lifestyle, and with no downtime needed, you can get back to your regular activities straight away with no impact on what you can eat, drink or do for the remainder of the day.

To book your consultation with Dr. Flood and discover how SculpSure can help you remove those troublesome pockets of fat around your body, give the office a call today at 202-235-2431.

*Individual results may vary

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