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Say Goodbye To Wrinkles With TempSure Envi

From the time the first cave person looked at a reflection in a smooth body of water, there has been one nagging question: How can I get rid of these wrinkles? In the last decades, dermatologists and aesthetics have made major strides in treating wrinkles from surgery to implants to chemical peels.

But all these treatments involved risk, pain and significant downtime for healing. In addition, many skin types and body areas didn’t respond well to these treatments. But today, Dr. Allen Flood offers his patients a way around all that. Now you can walk into his office and walk out with fewer wrinkles on virtually any part of your body, regardless of your age, gender, or skin type.

What causes wrinkles

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It flexes over joints as it protects your body. Healthy, youthful skin reflects a healthy, youthful body. But time takes its toll on your skin. As you age, some of the layers of your skin thin. Collagen, especially, starts to break down, offering less support to the upper layers of skin.

This allows your skin to sag and buckle, creating wrinkles where you use your skin most. Because you use your face to show everything from delight to disgust, your face is one of those areas where thinner skin allows wrinkles to appear. But you don’t have to live with them.

How TempSure Envi works

TempSure Envi is a new way to treat fine lines and wrinkles without surgery, caustic chemicals or any downtime. TempSure Envi works by stimulating the collagen layer beneath the skin. Dr. Flood uses a simple wand that emits a radio frequency wave. The frequency is calculated to reach the proper depth and heats the collagen layer.

This causes the collagen cells to plump almost immediately. But that isn’t where the results end. In the weeks after treatment, the collagen layer remains stimulated. This encourages creation of new collagen, keeping skin plumped and youthful looking.

Benefits of TempSure Envi

Unlike other wrinkle treatments, TempSure Envi doesn’t darken pigmented skin. This means that all skin tones are equally helped by the treatment. In addition, there is no downtime after a treatment. Chemical peels and implants all require time to heal. Time the patient must stay away from the sun and, optimally, away from other people while their skin heals from the treatment. Even many facials leave the skin reddened and tender for a day or two after treatment.

But patients choosing TempSure Envi can walk out of the office with no redness or swelling. There are no restrictions on wearing cosmetics or warnings to stay out of the sun.

Finally, there is the pain factor. TempSure Envi is designed to be not only pain-free, but actually a relaxing way to tend to your skin. Less than 1% of all patients feel any type of tingling or discomfort. Instead, most feel a warmth, and some compare it to a heated facial massage instead of a dramatic wrinkle treatment.

However, no wrinkle treatment is worthwhile if they don’t get rid of the wrinkles. That’s where TempSure Envi shines. As soon as the treatment is over, you will see some line abatement. As time passes and your skin rebuilds the collagen layer, you will see more youthful skin emerge. Like many other treatments, you may need several visits to get the results you want.

To see if TempSure Envi is right for you, give Dr. Flood a call at his office on Capitol Hill. After discussing your desires, you can explore the right options for you. Soon, you will be looking and feeling your best.

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