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How Laser Treatments Can Get Rid of Stubborn Fat in Problem Areas

Do you ever look in the mirror and notice certain areas of your body holding onto some fat no matter what you do? If you do, you certainly aren’t alone. In fact, if you’re reading this there’s probably a good chance you’ve experienced it for yourself. Very few people are naturally thin and even fewer stay thin through the duration of their lives. It’s just how our genetics and the passing of time works.

But, the way our body deals with fat is interesting as well as infuriating sometimes. You’ve no doubt tried to follow all the advice given by anyone who understands health and fitness. You’ve exercised, you’ve changed your diet, and you’ve cut down on the calories. And yet, there are still parts of your body that are stubbornly holding onto fat despite your best efforts. Why is this?

There are plenty of reasons why you may not be losing fat in certain areas of your body, particularly your middle. Many of them have little to do with strenuous exercise. It’s very difficult to counter the effects of hormones, age, and genetics. But, don’t let this discourage you too much. While everyone has these problem areas, there are solutions that a doctor can provide to help you get rid of these stubborn fatty deposits. You may be familiar with some of the traditional methods that we’ll begin with, but there are some cutting edge technologies like laser fat removal now available that make getting rid of fat easier and safer than ever before.

How these areas have been traditionally treated

Traditionally, if you were having problems slimming down the problem areas such as your hips, buttocks, or abdomen, and you sought out professional help, there were few treatments available to you. These treatments were often invasive and carried certain risks. Liposuction isn’t for everyone. These kinds of fat eliminating treatments require you to be in good health, can have some unforeseen side effects, and are painful with required recovery times. Being out of commission while you recover from the procedure can interfere with work and your other responsibilities. The good news is you’re not just limited to liposuction or tummy tucks anymore. If you don’t want to undergo invasive procedures, you don’t have to.

Lipolysis has emerged as a popular alternative to these traditional methods. Because it’s non-invasive, more and more people are opting for this laser fat removal treatment. You can say goodbye to painful tubes and having to vacuum the fat out.


Now, there is SculpSure. SculpSure is the latest technological advancement in body contouring services. It has emerged as the preferred choice when it comes lipolysis. This FDA approved laser treatment is revolutionizing the way your doctor can help you slim down your problem areas. The laser targets the designated areas specifically and reduces the presence of fatty deposits without ever needing to undergo any invasive procedures.

Here is how the procedure works. All you have to do is lay back and let the targeted lasers do the work. This is a pain free procedure. All you will feel is a cooling sensation as the device is placed close to the skin. This cooling sensation is there for your comfort due to the fact that heat is the mechanism by which the fat cells are removed. Throughout the process, the heating element will turn on and off to kill the fat cells in your body without damaging the surrounding tissue. These dead fat cells are simply reabsorbed and eliminated naturally in your body.

Why SculpSure could be right for you

It’s important to stress that SculpSure is not a substitute for diet and exercise. A laser treatment will help you get over the finish line, but it’s up to you to run the whole race. SculpSure is most effective when focused on particular areas like the legs or abdomen where the final bit of fat refuses to get burned off by other means.

The whole process takes only about a half hour. It’s relatively quick and there’s no anesthesia to deal with or other kinds of discomfort or bruising that requires recovery times like other invasive procedures.

While the possibility of undergoing further treatments is there, the majority of patients are pleased with the results after just one. You won’t see dramatic changes right away because your body has to eliminate the dead fat cells, which won’t regenerate, gradually. After about the sixth week, you’ll see some improvement and by about the twelfth week you should see the differences that you were hoping for.


Dr. Allen Flood is a SculpSure specialist who can help you get the body you want using this innovative laser fat removal treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see if SculpSure is the right treatment for you.

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